Social Media Strategy & Foundations

Creating Your Social Media Strategy & Social Media Plan.

Your social media success begins and ends with your strategy and plan. These give you focus, clarity and allow you to track how you are progressing. In this training we teach you how to set social media goals, create a social media strategy, and your plan for action.

Also included with this training is a Strategy & Planning template for you to use within your marketing.

How To Stand Out From The ‘Noise’ On Social Media By Creating Your Brand Personality.

Most social media campaigns are dull, generic and boring, and that’s a mistake, you can’t bore people into buying your products! In this training we cover how to engage with potential customers, and stand out from the crowd.

Optimising Your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Profiles For Success.

Why should you optimise your profiles? Simple – you attract more traffic to your website, more potential customers, and create engagement!

In this training, you’ll learn how to use your header image, bio text, website link – and other ‘often overlooked’ elements – to your advantage on your profiles.



Creating Engaging Content

How To Create Compelling Social Media Posts & Updates.

What do you ‘say’ on social media? What can we ‘tweet’ about to keep us interesting to our potential customers? Hint – we need to post ‘share worthy’ content, and not constantly sell or pitch! This training covers, in full, how to do this.

Frequency, Automation & Timing Of Your Updates.

How often should we post to our profiles? What times of day achieve the highest amount of exposure? How can we automate our social media posting, to save time? All is covered, and more, in this training!

Increase Your Social Media Engagement – Get More Likes, Comments & Shares.

In this video, we cover several tactics on how to get more Likes, Comments, Shares, Retweets on all of your content.

The more engagement you create, the more exposure you will receive – free of charge!

How To Use A ‘Content Calendar’ To Plan Your Updates Ahead Of Schedule.

A Content Calendar allows you to plan your social media updates days, weeks (or even months) in advance. Having a plan for your content can help increase both your efficiency and engagement.

Also included with this training is a Content Calendar template for you to use with your marketing.

Social Media Tools – Which Are The Best To Use?

Choosing the right social media tools is essential. It can save you hours of valuable time each day. Best of all, most of these tools are free. In this training video, we review the best ones you can start using straight away.



Building A Large Following Of Potential Customers

Building Your Following Of Potential Customers.

If your fans & followers aren’t potential customers, you’re wasting your time.

This is where most businesses go wrong – they aim for quantity over quality. We don’t want to connect with our friends and family, we want to connect with prospects and potential customers. In this training, we cover how this is done.

How To Grow Your Twitter Following, Organically.

In this training, we look at how to grow your Twitter account to thousands of targeted followers (potential customers), in just a few short months, by following best practices. Best of all, it only takes minutes per day and, once again, is completely free for you to implement!

How To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page & Build Your Fan Base.

We’ll cover how to get 100 to 150 targeted fans per day. We do this by leveraging other companies fan pages, which have the same audience as us. That, and a handful of other tactics which take minutes per day to perform.

Facebook Ad Training.

Facebook’s Advertising Platform is currently the most powerful and cost-effective paid promotion available to any business.

We’ll cover how to generate large numbers of Facebook Fans, and qualified leads, each month with minimal expense.

Boosted Posts, Promoted Page Ads, Website Traffic Ads – all is covered in extensive detail, for you to run your first Ad campaign as soon as you’ve taken the training.

Growing A Targeted Connection List On LinkedIn.

How to connect with the decision makers and bypass secretaries or other gatekeepers. Plus, we also cover how to use LinkedIn Groups to position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert within your market.

All without the need for LinkedIn Premium.



Monetisation & Tracking Your ROI

Learn The ‘Mechanics’ Of Lead Generation And Selling With Social Media.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of how to sell on social media, you’ll be able to engineer a consistent flow of leads and sales into your business.

Twitter’s ‘Advanced Search’ Strategy.

If you are a web designer, and you found someone tweeting ‘can anyone recommend a web designer’ – then you have a potential client right in front of you!

In this training, we look at how to use Twitter to look for people having conversations around what you sell – we also cover how to ‘engage’ with them, to close the sale. Powerful stuff.

Using Special Offers To Get More Customers.

Upwards of 40% of people follow companies on social media for discounts and special offers. With this knowledge, you can take advantage of the predictable behaviour of your followers to sell more stuff. In this training, we cover how to do so to best effect, without coming across too ‘salesy’.

How To Generate Referrals & Repeat Business.

Here, we look at how to provide an incentive for other people to promote your products and services, and promote this via your social media profiles. Very simple, yet very effective.

How To Run Competitions On Social Media, Profitably.

We’ll cover the eight essential steps involved in setting up and running profitable competitions. In this training, we also dissect a recent campaign that generated over 1,500 leads for a B2B company.

Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website By Leveraging Other Social Media Users.

With a few free tools, you can quickly & easily drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Creating An Automated Social Media ‘Sales Funnel’.

In this training, we cover an entire ‘mini system’ you can set up which take your social media followers from prospects, to warm leads, to paying customers. Set it up once, leave it to run in the background, and watch it convert (on average) 5-8% of leads to paying customers/clients.

As Well As The Social Media Success Circle Core Training, You’ll Also Receive 4 Valuable Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: The ‘Quick Start’ Video Series

    If you’re new to social media, this video series will give you an overview of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They’ll get you up to speed quickly and confidently… so you can dive in and begin to prosper.

  • BONUS #2: How To ‘Spy’ On Your Competitors (Video Training)

    In this video, you’ll learn how to monitor your competition using Twitter. By knowing what your competitors are doing, you’ll be able to always remain one step ahead of them.

  • BONUS #3: My ’20-Minute’ Social Media Checklist (PDF format)

    Also included is the ’20-minute-per-day’ checklist which Jason uses for his own business, and explain what he does to grow his own social media accounts each day.


    One of the keys to being successful with social media is to be EFFICIENT. Jason has perfected this… and he’s going to show you what he does within his own marketing.

  • BONUS #4: Direct Access To Jason And His Team

    You will also receive access to the ‘Ask The Experts’ section, where you can ask questions and receive ongoing support from Jason and his team of expert social media marketers.


    If you need guidance or have any queries on anything to do with your social media marketing, Jason and his team will personally help you where you need it.