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test1“Within two months of ramping up our social media, we’ve received 92 enquiries just through Facebook alone.”

Tamsin Brewis,
Water Babies Franchisee

test2“We had 64 enquiries come through our website over the last 30 days as a result of our overall social media campaign, and one of those enquiries turned into a project with us being featured on Grand Designs!”

Ross Davidson,
Collingwood Lighting

Course Content

The Social Pipeline Marketing™ Training Course is an online training program, broken down into 25 videos, in 4 separate modules.

After registering, you have unlimited access to the training videos – meaning you can learn what you want, when you want, as many times as you want.

The Training Course content, consists of the following:



Module 1
Strategy & Foundations

  • Creating Your Social Media Strategy & Social Media Plan.

Here, we cover how to set your social media goals (based on revenue), create your social media strategy, and your plan for action. Also included with this training is the Strategy & Planning template for you to follow.


  • How To Stand Out From The ‘Noise’ On Social Media By Creating Your Brand Personality.

Most social media campaigns are dull, generic and boring, and that’s a mistake, you can’t bore people into buying your products. In this training we cover how to engage with potential customers, and stand out from the crowd by creating your ‘Brand Personality’.


  • Optimising Your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Profiles For Success.

Why should you optimise your profiles? Simple – you attract more traffic to your website, create engagement around your company – and (much more importantly) you attract potential customers! In this training, you’ll learn how to use your profile imagery, bio text, website link – and other ‘often overlooked’ elements – to your advantage.



Module 2
Engaging Content

  • How To Create Compelling Social Media Posts & Updates.

What do you ‘Say’ on social media? What can we ‘tweet’ about to keep us interesting to our potential customers? We need to post ‘share worthy’ content, and not constantly sell or pitch! This training covers, in full, how to do this.


  • Frequency, Automation & Timing Of Your Updates.

How often should we post to our accounts? What times of day achieve the highest amount of exposure? How can we automate our social media posting, to save time? All is covered, and more, in this training!


  • Using Hashtags For HUGE Exposure.

Hashtags shouldn’t be confusing! Here, we cover how to use Hashtags for business, and more importantly – how to use them to achieve massive exposure in front of our target market by using them correctly. Very simple, yet very effective.


  • How To Use A ‘Content Calendar’ To Plan Your Updates Ahead Of Schedule.

A Content Calendar allows you to plan your social media updates days, weeks (or even months) in advance. Having a plan for your content can help increase both your efficiency and engagement. Also included with this training is a Content Calendar template for you to use within your marketing.



Module 3
Building Your Following

  • Building Your Following Of Potential Customers.

If your fans & followers aren’t potential customers, you’re wasting your time. We don’t want to connect with our friends and family, we want to connect with prospects and potential customers. In this training, we cover how this is done.


  • How To Grow Your Twitter Following, Organically.

Here, we look at how to grow your Twitter account to thousands of targeted followers (potential customers!), in just a few short months, by following best practices. Best of all, it only takes minutes per day and, once again, is completely free for you to implement!


  • How To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page & Build Your Fan Base.

We’ll cover how to get 100 to 150 targeted fans per day. We do this by leveraging other companies fan pages, which have the same audience as us. That, and a handful of other tactics which take minutes per day to perform.


  • Growing A Targeted Connection List On LinkedIn.

How to connect with the decision makers and bypass gatekeepers. Plus, we also cover how to use LinkedIn Groups to position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert within your market.



Module 4

  • Facebook Ad Training.

Facebook Advertising is currently the most powerful and cost-effective paid promotion available. We’ll cover how to generate large numbers of Facebook Fans, and qualified leads, each month with minimal expense. Boosted Posts, Promoted Page Ads, Website Traffic Ads – all is covered in jargon free, extensive detail.


  • Twitter’s ‘Advanced Search’ Strategy.

If you are a web designer, and you found someone tweeting ‘can anyone recommend a web designer’ – then you have a potential client right in front of you! In this training, we look at how to use Twitter to look for people needing what you sell – we also cover how to ‘close’ the sale. Powerful stuff.


  • Using Special Offers To Get More Customers.

Upwards of 40% of people follow companies on social media for discounts and special offers. So, we can take advantage of the predictable behaviour to sell more stuff. In this training, we cover how to use ‘Special Offers’ to best effect, without coming across too ‘salesy’.


  • The ‘LinkedIn Prospecting System’.

Without the need for a Premium Account, we can use our ‘LinkedIn Prospecting System’ free of charge – to find potential clients, and convert them into paying clients. Taking minutes per day to action, with the potential to generate dozens of warm leads per month.


  • How To Generate Referrals & Repeat Business.

Here, we look at how to provide an incentive for other people to promote your products and services, and promote this via your social media profiles. Very simple, yet very effective.


  • How To Run Competitions On Social Media, Profitably.

We’ll cover the eight essential steps involved in setting up and running profitable competitions. In this training, we also dissect a recent campaign that generated over 1,500 leads for a B2B company.


  • Creating An Automated Social Media ‘Sales Funnel’.

Here, we cover an entire ‘mini system’ you can set up which take your fans / followers from prospects, to warm leads, to paying customers. Set it up once, leave it to run, and watch it convert (on average) 5-8% of leads to paying customers/clients.



test4“Through our prospecting activity on LinkedIn, we receive between 1-3 inbound sales enquiries each day.”

Dave Blain,

test5“Very relevant, very powerful and I suspect just the section on Twitter alone will pay 10x for the course fee.”

Jason Moorhouse,
Dews Motor Group

test6“We are generating roughly 12 new sales leads each week, which our sales team quickly follow up on.”

Liane Hunt,
The Resort Group


Meet Your Instructor

Jason Squires – the creator of Social Pipeline Marketing™ – has been credited as the Leading Social Media Expert, for consistently delivering proven social media marketing ideas and strategies.

Over the last five years, using Social Pipeline Marketing™, Jason has:

  • Grown his own companies ‘Following’ on social media to over 50,000+ prospects.
  • Acquired over 2,000+ paying customers just using Social Pipeline Marketing™.
  • Appeared in industry leading magazines such as Entrepreneur and Winning Edge.
  • Taught 100’s of UK businesses how to win more customers through Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Released his first book on Amazon Kindle.
  • Amassed over 100+ LinkedIn recommendations for his live training/workshops.



Social Pipeline Marketing™ works. Regardless of whether you are B2B or B2C focussed –or if you are completely new to social media, or already have some experience.

Our guarantee is this – you win new customers through social media, or double your money back.

Go through the entire training program, and implement Social Pipeline Marketing™ within your own business. If you’re not consistently winning new customers, simply contact us for a 200% refund.



Free Bonus(!)

Along with your membership to the Social Pipeline Marketing™ training program, you will also receive the below bonus, completely free of charge:

On-going Support & Assistance From Jason’s Team

supportYou will also receive access to the ‘Ask The Experts’ section, where you can ask questions and receive on-going support from Jason’s team of social media experts.

If you need guidance or have any queries on anything to do with your social media marketing, Jason’s team will personally help you where you need it.




Start Winning New Customers
Through Social Media Today!

Full access to the complete Social Pipeline Marketing™ online training course is available for just…

10x $49.50 per month

The course is 100% digital – so you’ll have immediate access after ordering.

jason2This is your chance to receive the best social media training available. This course covers everything you need to know to win new customers consistently each month.


So start today… and take action!

>>> 10x $49.50 per month



test9“We have already more than tripled our number of followers on twitter, and have updated our LinkedIn pages helping us gain a lot of connections and customer leads.”

Rowena Jones,
Mono Design Ltd